Employment Verification is very useful tool to dig out the information about past employment history of the candidate. Difference between what a candidate is stated in his/her resume about his past employment and what as per HR records of that company could means a serious integrity issue and can be reason for serious issue.

Employment Screening can conducted with any or all of his/her past employers shown by him in his/her resume or declared in employee information form at the time of joining. We are equipped with extensive network and domain expertise to provide you the accurate and useful information.

Our information templets are in the form of questionnaires and can be modified as per your requirement. Some of the key point which Knowy verified during the employment verification:

  • Does the company exists?
  • What was the tenure of employment with them?
  • Who was reporting manager of the candidate?
  • What was CTC of the candidate?
  • Any disciplinary or performance related issues company faced from that employee?
  • What was employment status full-time or part-time?
  • Whether he/she would be considerable for rehiring or not?
As verification experts, KNOWY is here to support you with your compliance processes so that you can shift your time and focus to what really matters – making your business successful.

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